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Silicone Ice Cube Bucket Mold

Silicone Ice Cube Bucket Mold

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    This 2 in 1 Ice Cube Mold combines practicality and safety with its construction from BPA-free, odorless food-grade silicone. Comprising a flexible silicone mold for simple ice cube extraction, an interior storage cup, and a lid, it simplifies the process of ice production and storage. The mold stands 5.5 inches tall and can yield up to 72 mini ice cubes, making it an ample source of ice for gatherings. Its multipurpose nature accommodates a variety of beverages, including frozen whiskey, cocktails, fruit juice, iced coffee, and wine. It is designed to suit different scenarios: everyday use in home refrigerators, party use in smaller outdoor refrigerators, or picnic use in car refrigerators. To use, simply pour water slowly along the edge, press the inner bucket firmly to ensure no water at the bottom, secure the lid, and place the mold horizontally in the refrigerator for over 4 hours. Once frozen, squeeze the outer silicone bucket, remove the inner cup, and squeeze the bucket again to release the ice.


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